Friday, October 5, 2012

Mini foundation haul

So I have been seeing a lot reviews on the following foundations and I haven't seen them at my local target. Well then again my local target takes forever to restock or stock up on new products so it may seem like I'm late but it's just target.
So I picked up the new revlon colorstay whipped creme foundation in warm golden. I read if your nc30 it would match but it was a bit pale and beige teen on me. I have high yellow undertones so whenever I get a foundation that doesn't match my undertone I found out a way to make most of my money. I would mix they foundation with covergirl queen collection foundation in amber glow which is a very yellow tone foundation a bit too yellow toned for me so I would use it to add yellow tones to my foundations that lack warm undertones. The foundation provides great coverage it hides my redness and it isn't heavy, it's light feeling foundation with a great texture.
The second foundation I picked up is loreal visible lift repair absolute foundation in sun beige since that is my color for the loreal lumi foundation which I would do a post on soon. Sun beige was a perfect match for me it was on point with the yellow undertones and it covers well I don't really need concealer which is a big deal for me because I have Rosacea on my chin and cuspids bow so concealer is a must for me, the fact that I can hide my redness is definitely a worth buying a second time in my book.
I took a picture with the foundation on the right side of my face and bare on the right side..

This is revlon colorstay whipped foundation in warm beige before mixing it.

This is loreal vible lift repair absolute foundation.

Here added I both foundation to one side of the face. Revlon is on the left and loreal on the right. Side by side I find the foundations close in color, revlon is just a bit more beige toned and lighter, while loreal has warm yellow undertones and matches my neck more than revlon.

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