Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reddy for the cold weather?

Keep it hot even as the weather cools off with these beautiful red lipsticks.
I chose covergirl lip perfection in flame which is a bright blue tone red.
Second I chose macs love goddess from the marilyn collection which is a mid tone red pink color.
Lets me just say that I love covergirl lipsticks they are creamy and give your a great amount of coverage they don't streak or get dry, they are very hydrating and they have lots of great colors to chose from and are budget friendly they run for $6-$8 depending on your area.
                                                                                       Here are my bare lips
           This is covergirls flame
                                                                     This is macs love goddess, it's actually pretty bright on me
                                                                              ( left to right) mac love goddess and covergirls flame
( left to right) covergirls flame and macs love goddess


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