Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poizon ivy

It's a slow Saturday so I thought to make a green smokey eye with a neutral face and lip.
I used the green colors in the middle of this palette.
I started with the brown green at the bottom blending it inwards, then using the matte green in the middle to blend the dark color towards the middle but leaving the inner corner of the eye empty.
Third I used the second green color from the top to pat on the inner corner and the lime green at the top to pat in the very inner corner to make the greens all pop.
I used the third green from the bottom on half of my lower lash line as a liner, I found this color pretty cause its a deep green with turquoise shimmer.
Lastly I used the lime green on the other half of the lower lash line.
Finally I used kat von d autograph liner in puro amor to line the upper and lower inner lash line and added some mascara and voila finito.
On the face I used revlon colorstay whipped creme foundation in warm golden mixed with covergirl natural hue foundation in amber glow to add more warmth since I find the foundation to be a little to cool toned for me.
I used covergirl simply ageless cream blush in rich cinnamon on the cheek and to color my eyebrows I used a deep slate blue. Yes I have finally changed my hair color to a blue black color. Omg I almost forgot I also used macs cut a caper lipstick since its a lustre finish it isn't soo opaque and added the right amount of wrath to the look.

     I used the green in the middle. Step 1: I used the dark green brown and created a v shape on the outer corner of the eye. Step 2: I blended the matte green inward with the dark green brown.

Step 3: I blended a dark green into the crease.  Step4: I patted the green on the inner corner

 Lastly: I liner the upper and lower inner lash line and lined the bottom lash line with dark green and lime green.
 This the final look. Hope you enjoyed!

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