Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sorry for the lack of postings!

Hello my sexy blog followers and browsers, I know I haven't posted anything lately, last week I was pretty busy. Saturday morning was pretty hectic, family came over that night and totally made my day. I got alcohol poisoning, ugh I hate beer. The last couple of days were followed by upset stomach and well we all know the downfall of poisoning. I feeling much better today and will totally makeup for the lack of postings withing the next couple days, I know I haven't finished my halloween series, so I will finish that first.

Mac glamour daze collection is online now!! YAY!!! Instore on Thursday, I'm more of a hands on person so I wil go instore to pick up my list.

This is the whole collection.
Lipsticks 16.50each (left to right) beauty,innocence,outrageously fun, glamourdaze, dramatic encounter.
I will be getting beauty, outrageously fun and glamourdaze.
The extra demension mineral skin finishes are $29 each. (Left to right) whisper of guilt and superb I have to get both,I love highlighter and these are perfect. I missed out on them earlier this year and will get it this time.

I would get more from the collection but wanted to save some money to buy urban decays vice palette ($59)and Ocho loco eyeliner set ($59) 

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