Thursday, October 4, 2012

Berry sexy, try one or both these sexy berry lipcolors.

I chose 2 berry colors by maybellines plush plums collection.
I chose magnificent mauve which to me looks like a more opaque version of macs pink popcorn. It's a   Pink tinged mauve color that isn't too bold and great for all skin tones.
Second color i chose was maybelline blissful berry which as reminds me of a Mac lipstick and that is macs rebel. It's not a purple toned as rebel, blissful berry is more pink toned. A great alternative. Macs lip colors run for $15 and maybellines are $7.50 depending on your area.
Lets start off with my bare lips,
This is magnificent mauve
                                                                   This is maybelline blissful berry
Maybellines magnificent mauve and blissful berry

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