Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep it subtle; best pink lip colors for the fall

Many of you don't know I have a lot of lipstick, people say I'm addicted, so picking out just 2 pink colors out of the many pinks I own was hard but I will post up much more colors in the lipstick catagories that I have posted so far.
 So moving ahead, I chose once again two lipcolors by sonia kashuk.

2: sonia kashuk satin luxe lipcolor; roseberry and rosette.
Roseberry is a neutral warm rose color that adds a blushed look to the lips.
Rosette is a midtone pink,red color that I find to look more subtle and toned down than most pinks but with a hint of red.first lets start with my bare lips.
It's is roseberry,
This is rosette,
( left to right) sonia kashuks roseberry and rosette

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