Friday, October 5, 2012

Mini lipstick haul

There is not a day that I go to a store with a cosmetics section and don't at least stop by.
Today I went to target and picked up 4 great lippies to share.
1. I picked up 2 loreal careese sticks in blushing sequin, which looked like a neon pink in the tube but when put on it looks like a midtonal sheer bright pink. Second color I picked up was cherry tulle it looks like a deep dark red, but on the lips it looks like a sheer dark red but not so bold more subtle.
All in all I give them a A+ they are moisturizing and they are perfect for you makeup lovers who don't like very bold or opaque lipsticks. They give off a great amount of color and provide a subtle amount of shine.
                                                        ( left to right) blushing sequin and cherry tulle
                                                                                          cherry tulle
                                                                                          blushing sequin ( sorry about the lighting)

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